Dr. Larry Rosenthal headshot

Dr. Larry Rosenthal

A pioneer of modern dentistry, Dr. Rosenthal has contributed to significant advances in the art and science of aesthetics. He helped develop porcelain veneers in 1981 and became known for mastering their use. In 2002, he founded the Rosenthal Institute at New York University’s College of Dentistry to further the field of aesthetics, later opening additional locations in London, Palm Beach and Indianapolis.

His new book Open Wide(r) empowers a new generation of patients to achieve the smile and health they deserve.

Dr. Graig Fischgrund headshot

Dr. Graig Fischgrund, Periodontist

Dr. Graig Fischgrund is a Board-Certified Diplomate of the American Board of Periodontology. He received his post-graduate degree from NYU College of Dentistry, where he completed his specialty training in the Department of Periodontology & Implant Dentistry. He provides minimally-invasive periodontal-plastic surgery utilizing the latest technology dentistry has to offer, including digital/virtual workups as well as Laser therapy. He frequently lectures on the periodontal-systemic health connection, periodontal therapies and dental implants.

Dr. Clement Kairouz headshot

Dr. Clement Kairouz

Dr. Clement Kairouz obtained his doctorate degree from NYU College of Dentistry, and completed his residency at Yale. He also holds a Master of Public Health degree from Mount Sinai. He is the recipient of the prestigious Evy award from the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry, and lectures to dental students nationwide. His philosophy towards cosmetic cases is to elevate the natural smile and oral health in a conservative approach. 

Aside from his passion for dentistry, he is a foodie, enjoys traveling and spending time with his family, friends and dog, Zeus! His Pro Tip is—Brush twice, Floss once, Smile Always.

Dr. Nicolas Aguilera headshot

Dr. Nicolas Aguilera

Dr. Aguilera is dual-trained in Implant Surgery and Advanced Aesthetic Dentistry. He earned his DDS in Ecuador, and then a merit scholarship brought him to Brazil for a Master’s in Cosmetic Dentistry and Implant Surgery. To practice in the US, he pursued a dual DDS/Residency from the University of Rochester, in New York. There, he was a three-time recipient of the Best Cosmetic Case award. In 2021, he received the first-place prize for a post-graduate clinical case from the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry. Dr. Nicolas is fluent in English, Portuguese and Spanish. His philosophy: “the way to a person’s confidence is through their smile.

Dr. Nick Mavrostomos headshot

Dr. Nick Mavrostomos

Dr. Mavrostomos was born into dentistry, having spent his childhood observing his father, a fellow cosmetic dentist. He earned his doctorate degree from the NYU College of Dentistry, where he graduated with Honors in Aesthetic Dentistry, and then continued his training in the Brooklyn VA’s residency program. He has received numerous accolades for his work, including the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry’s HEAPS Award for best cosmetic case, and the American Academy of Esthetic Dentistry Award for outstanding ability in cosmetic dentistry.

Dr. Mavro is fluent in Greek and English. Outside of dentistry, he enjoys exercise, sporting events and quality time with friends and family.

Murilo Calgaro headshot

Murilo Calgaro, Master Ceramist

An established expert and leading authority in the field of ceramics, Mr. Calgaro founded the Murilo Calgaro Dental Design Institute in Brazil to teach his innovative techniques to the next generation of ceramicists. He enjoys widespread acclaim and recognition for his technical mastery, exceptional visual perception and impressive track record for challenging and improving the field with several of his own inventions. Mr. Calgaro is a member of the prestigious Oral Design Group and is recognized as a Master Ceramicist.

Joao Ricardo Maciel headshot

Joao Ricardo Maciel, Master Ceramist

A technical master with exceptional visual perception, Joao Maciel has improved the field of cosmetic dental restorations with his one-of-a-kind artistic talent and mechanical skill. He has worked with the distinguished dental technology company Amann Girrbach, contributed to leading publications, and garnered worldwide acclaim by industry experts in Latin America, Europe and the US. He is renowned for his extraordinary ability to hand make porcelain veneers through a highly technical and artistic process, and is one of the only ceramists in the world trained in this nearly extinct technique.

Allan Vicentini headshot

Allan Vicentini, Dental Technician

A native of Brazil, Allan began as a dental technician in 2006 before deciding to pursue a specialty in dental anatomy. Today, his work in the laboratory is enhanced by his years of experience in a clinical setting, as well as high-level training in all areas of prosthetics, with a focus on dental structures. A natural teacher, Allen loves to share his knowledge with colleagues and he is passionate about looking beyond current trends to the full spectrum of possibilities that new technologies provide.