Each of our offices feature a state of the art ceramics lab, which enable Dr. Apa and his team to exact a tremendous amount of oversight in the customization process, significantly reduces turnaround times, and allows unprecedented access between ceramists and patients, all which provides an unsurpassed level of quality, customization and convenience. From our own blend of ceramic that closely mimics natural teeth, to our unique process for creating facial harmony through the smile, the care we offer our clients is truly one-of-a-kind.

The making of a smile—watch the slideshow below for the design & planning of a cosmetic smile lift.

First Appointment

Dr. Apa designs a temporary new smile, using his unique FAD principles. Favoring a conservative approach, he minimally shapes and fits the patient’s teeth for temporary veneers that will be worn for approximately two weeks. This unique step allows patients to test drive their new, improved smile.

Second Appointment

After wearing the temporary smile, the patient returns to provide feedback on the look and fit of their veneers. Using this feedback, a master ceramist makes a new mold before creating the final veneers.

Third Appointment

Dr. Apa fits the patient with the permanent veneers. At this time, he removes the temporary veneers and the patient receives their new, permanent smile.

Fourth Appointment

During this final re-contouring appointment, Dr. Apa applies the finishing touches to the patient’s new smile. It occurs one to two days after the veneers are fitted.

1 Year Follow-up

Veneers, if treated properly, should look and feel great for up to 15 years after their placement. Most patients forget they have them after a month or so because facial muscles adapt to the new teeth and make them look more natural than the day they were put in.